We are readers, collectors, and fans

We love books! And toys! As fans, we felt the need for a holistic box that would cater to both male and female, young and adult. Thus, The Monthly Prophet Box was born. We aim to deliver toys, exclusive shirts, and quality bookish pieces. This box will focus mostly on fantasy, fairy tales, and science fiction stories that may not be as mainstream as other genres, but therefore highly limited.

We encourage reading and freeing the imagination through a focus on bookish pieces, and hope you enjoy the collections we prepared for you.

Thank you for helping us share the joy of reading!


The Monthly Prophet delivers new releases, news, and updates on the featured fandom.

Each month, receive (or give) a box fully loaded with a shirt and/OR toy, and bookish pieces. Choose between two fandom themes, Magic or Mystery. The boxes will also contain 3-5 pieces of related jewelry and bookish merchandise like a re-usable bag or pouch. These pieces would be a mix of items that are specially chosen or designed for the boxes, from experienced and long-time sellers. Plus, like an actual newspaper, we also aim to include news and trivia on the featured theme.

With a holistic box, your subscription benefits book authors and retailers as well as small businesses, through our partnerships to complete each month's collection. To see previous boxes, follow us on facebook and Instagram.

Slots are extremely limited. Sign up today!

Themes on The Monthly Prophet

The Magic box focuses on a world of magic and wizards.

The boy who lived

The Mystery box focuses on different fandom universes each month.

Different characters

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Bookish tees/toys